Pay in Naira, anywhere in the world with a Naira Visa card

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Posted by on Wednesday May 2, 2012 10:53:42:

Truth is, you no longer have to leave Nigeria with foreign currency or traveller's cheque. If you can plan your trip right, you definitely would have an easier life travelling with a Naira Visa card.

What can you do with a Naira Visa card?
A lot of things really such as:
- Making withdrawals in the local currency via ATMs
- Make payments on POS machines at outlets such as shopping malls
- Pay on the internet
- Book your flights
- Book for hotels and accommodation
- Pay tuition fees abroad
and lots more, any where Visa is accepted.

The summary is that you no longer really have to travel with cash as long as you have a naira visa card.

How to get one:
- Simply walk up to any issuing bank and ask for one
- You may or may not need to have an account with them and for non-account holders, you can just get a prepaid card
- Fill the application form and submit copies of photo picture, id and resident proof
- Your naira visa card should be ready in no time

With a naira visa card, you can travel the world and enjoy the good life without having to move with cash.


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