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If you intend travelling from Nigerian to London perhaps for academic, social or tourist activities, one of the things that can make your life much easier in this busy city is a Visa credit card.

A visa credit card is like a loan instrument which your bank offers you by giving you card that allows you have access to wider funds and repay at your own convenient time. It also allows you to travel the world and pay in naira without having to source for foreign currency.

Visa credit cards are readily available from many Nigerian banks nowadays and the good thin about them is that it is not limited to Nigeria - You can use them almost everywhere else in the world where Visa is acceptable and London is certainly among the best destinations to do so.

But I don't like Credit cards
Perhaps you might be among some Nigerians who don't really like the idea of carrying cards with them when they travel and believe me, you are not the only one. A lot of travellers too think like that as they feeel that most card products by Nigerian banks are just meant to shortchange them with their charges, some of which are hidden. Is that really so? You should think more about the convenience which a Visa card offers you, especially if you are a business traveller. If you are worried about costs, you should let your bank know or just go to the banks that offer more transparency on their fees. Some of the fees attached to a visa card includes monthly fees, ATM withdrawal fee, POS interest rate fee and so on. Just have a copy of the TOS agreement that will be given to you when applying for a Visa credit card. It is your right to have a copy of that agreement.

Features of a Nigerian Visa credit card
- They area denominated in naira
- They are a form of credit from your bank
- You can settle payments worldwide in Naira
- It is branded by Visa International and issued by Nigerian banks
- You can make withdrawals from global ATMs
- It comes with a Secure pin

How to get a Visa Credit card in Nigeria
Just walk up to any issuing bank and apply
You may need the following things
- Valid form of identification such as driving license, national id or International passport
- Identifiable source of income
- Referees
- Utility bill or other proof of address
- Source of funding


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