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Posted by on Friday December 14, 2012 at 8:18:11:

A mastercard naira debit card is a debit card that is supported by Mastercard Nigeria.

The funds which the card is linked to is in the local naira currency and being a debit card, it is normally cash backed as it is linked to your bank account.

Being a plastic pin chip card, it is designed to be used on Automated Teller Machines(ATMs) and Point Of Sale machines(POS)for making withdrawals or payments.

Spending with a naira mastercard like this one allows to spend with ease of mind without bothering about repaying any loans since it is your money you are spending. Being supported by Mastercard also means that it is really secure, at least by world standards and your funds are pretty safe.

They may be charges involved with securing and using a Mastercard naira debit card such as setup fees, card replacement fee, transaction fees, maintenance fees and interbank fees. The card may also come free with no charges at all as most banks in Nigeria now tend to cut down the cost of their own customers in using such cards since it also helps them provide better services and retain more customers.

When getting a card from your bank, you can simply read through their terms of service which comes in a paper document you should be given when applying for a card. From there you would be able to know what subscribing to the card service entails.

    Re: Mastercard Naira debit card Posted by Hussein on Tuesday January 8, 2013 at 22:44:31:

    Most Visa credit cards can be used woldrwide, so I believe you can get cash advance at any place where Visa is accepted. Mind it that for this type of transaction a fee is charged plus there is a fee for foreign exchange. these are general rules working for Visa cards. To be absolutely sure of what you will have to pay for it and where you can get your money, you'd better ask the bank that issued the card.

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