How to shop online with a Nigerian ATM Visa card

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Posted by on Wednesday August 8, 2012 9:42:14:

If you've got a Visa card from any Nigerian bank, I bet you can use it to shop online at any website.

Visa is an internationally recognized card brand you can not only use to make payments online but also to make withdrawals at ATMs and POS globally where Visa is accepted.

How to start using your Visa ATM card for internet shopping
- First things first, get an internet shopping PIN from your bank(aka iPIN). This is different from ATM PIN.
- Keep it safer and don't share it
- Now you can use other details like cad number, expiry date and card name to shop online along with your iPIN.

You can also get an iPin from an ATM machine
Some banks also allow you to get your Visa card iPIN by using an ATM machine.
Just go to any supported ATM machine
- Slow int your Nigeria Visa card
- Enter your ATM pin
- Select change PIN
- Select iPIN
- Enter any 4 digit PIN and confirm
- Now you can use that iPIN when shopping online

- If shopping at US or dollar denominate websites, better to use a US dollar denominated Visa card so as to avoid high exchange rates.
- Prepaid Visa cards are more budget friendly than Visa credit cards


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