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Posted by on Saturday January 28, 2012 12:43:57:

Zenith Bank offers a card product called the Zenith Buxz non-personalized prepaid card. It comes under two brands namely Visa and Mastercard.

I just got the Visa type and this is a card product that allows you to do a lot of things that you can traditionally do with visa debit cards such as online payments, POS payments and global ATMs.
The currency which is uses is the US dollars and this could help you carry cash and do a lot of things a prepaid card can do.

Things you need to get a Zenith Buxz card
- A valid form of identification such as national, driver's license or international passport
- Minimum of $120 for setup. $20 is the annual setup fee while $100 would be loaded to your card

Features of this card
Based on my personal experience and usage of this card, here are things that I like about it:

- You get an Sms on transactions
- Works within 24 hours after activation
- Can be personalized or non personalized
- Can be used on global atms, pos and the internet where visa or mastercard are accepted
- You could also sign up for online banking to monitor transactions on your card

Personal experience
After making a purchase for a book at amazon, I get a transaction notification by sms showing the charge and some other details. It works fast, accepted by most merchants such as online stores, web hosts, domain name registrars, facebook adsm google adwords as well as academic sites. I think you should just make sure you use your registered details such as phone number and address when making any online payment and it should sail smoothly.

I've used several other credit cards by Nigerian banks but this one really saves me time, works fast and sends sms which most other ones do not.

Charges on Zenith bank prepaid buxz card
- Transaction cost: 1.5%
- Setup fee: $20
- Reload fee: $5
- Cash ATM Fees: 2.5%
- Retail POS Tranx Fees: 1.5%
- Annual fee: $20
- Replacement/Re-issue Fee: $20
- Renewal fee: $20

How to your Zenith Visa Prepaid Card
Assuming that there is insufficient cash in your visa card, you can always reload it by visiting your branch:
- Just go to any Zenith Bank branch with your Card Number
- Complete fully the Prepaid deposit slip and proceed to the teller point with your cash
- Your card should be re-credited within 48 hours

Re: Zenith Bank Buxz non-personalized prepaid Visa debit card Posted by Peter on Wednesday May 9, 2012 at 9:20:41:

Those Nigerian banks suck the money right out of your pocket. I hold 4 credit cards from European countries, Master and Visa, even a gold card, and there are no fees charged to me as the customer on any of them.
This is how it should work.As for me, I'll not pay $10 per month just to hold a Nigerian card. It's a matter of principle!

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