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Posted by on Thursday October 4, 2012 17:8:34:

What do you do when you try to make a withdrawal from an ATM machine and you get the message "Temporarily unable to dispense cash"? Well you might get a bit let down and have to stress yourself in finding another ATM close by as an alternative. What is the worst that could happen if you also get an sms on your phone that your bank account has just been debited by the same ATM that refused to give you cash in the first place?

There has been numerous cases of ATMs in Nigeria debiting the bank accounts of users despited not paying them any cash and that's why a lot of people now refer to the machine as Automated Thieving Machines. In spite of the fact that people now have to pay ATM usage fees on a monthly basis, transaction fees for using cross ATMs, must we now go through the trouble of having ATMs deducting our bank accounts fraudulently?

So what does a person do when he gets into this sort of trouble? The best thing to do is to report to your bank almost immediately and try to get your account balance. If it is not as expected, then you should raise a notice to that deduction on your account and tell them that no money was paid to you.

Due of the numerous issues associated with using ATM cards in Nigeria, more people now prefer dumping their ATM cards and rather choose to withdraw directly from banks when they want to.

I think it's also best for one to start using ATMs that are from your bank rather than using ATMs of other banks. So i think it is safer to use your bank's ATM card rather than others so that wehn problems arise, it could easily and quickly be sorted out.


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