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Posted by on Tuesday June 19, 2012 12:4:31:

What do you do if an ATM seizes your card? Well I don't know if you've ever experienced it before but I have and actually on 3 occassions.
The first time my ATM card got stuck in an ATM was when I mistakenly entered the wrong pin more than 3 times. It just seized my card without allowing me to retrieve it. I just didn't know what to do. I had to go into that bank but since it was not my bank, they told me that it would be forwarded to my bank in a few weeks. I just had to apply for another one at my bank since I was not able to get it back. The second time an ATM machine seized my card was not really a fault of mine. I hd completed the transaction but what happened was that the machine was unable to eject it properly or rather it ejected it but the rubber in the slot way blocked the card so the machine just seized it since it was not ejecting properly. I have forgotten what I did about that card.
The third time my ATM card got stuck on an ATM was when I was actually just activating a new debit card I had just collected from my bank. They said I should just activate it first at their branch before going so I did but somehow, my PIN could not be changed or perhaps it was wrong adn the machine seized it. For that I had to walk back into the bank and they helped me retrieve it at the back door of the machine.

Why do ATM machines seize cards
ATM cards can be seized or withheld by the machine for several reasons but the main reason I know of is when you use the wrong PIN more than the required grace limit. This is a physical security feature it works with to prevent your ATM card being used by the wrong people. You should know that if they were not so secured, criminals may steal your card and then start testing PIN numbers from 0000 to 9999 just to get to your money in the bank.

So what do you do when an ATM seizes your card?
Well if it your bank's ATM
- Go back the following day in the morning and request for it back. Retrieved cards are normally kept in a box by the customer service.
- You may need to inform them of your bank account details and proof

If it is not your bank
- You should inform the bank so that they forward it to your bank
- You may also inform your bank to call you when they get it back
- You may however apply for a new ATM card and cancel the former one.


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