How to withdraw money from your credit card using an ATM

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ATMs are a great way to easily get access to cash that you realy need and the good thing is that unlike banking halls, they are open 7 days a week and 24 hrs a day. They are machines so they really don't need much rest. In order to be able to withdraw money from an ATM, you would normally need a card and a pin attached to it and again depending on the type of card and ATM, certain charges could be attached to it.
ATM cards are probably the cheapest kinds of cards designed to be used on ATMs but special credit/debit cards also allow you to withdraw money from such machines and only if the machine supports your brand of cards.
In a country like Nigeria, the major brands of debit or prepaid credit cards are Visa and Mastercard and these allow you to have access to the money linked to the card from special ATMs which have support for Visa and Mastercard. You can't use your Mastercard or Visa on generap purpose ATMs except the ones that have support for the brands.

In order to be able to use your Visa or Mastercard credit/debit card to make a withdrawal from the ATM, it must have been enabled for you by your issuer which in most cases are the Nigerian banks. They would attach a pin to the card which is normally engraved with your name and personalized and you can use this ans an easy way to carry money around the world. Nowadays you can carry money from Nigeria to go round the world and make payments for flights, hotel bookings, shopping and withdrawals from global ATMs.

Steps to make a withdrawal from an ATM
- Have your card and pin ready
- Slot in your card to an ATM
- Enter your pin
- Follow the instructions and identify any charges
- Enter the amount your want to withdraw. It would be in the local currency and conversions cost may also apply
- Collect your money
- Take your card out too

Tips for using your credit card on an ATM
- Bear in mind the charges for making withdrawals with your card as they tend to be much higher than normal ATM cards
- Don't share your pin, even with your loved ones
- Don't use ATM's in unsafe or crowded places
- Call your bank if you feel your are being over charged or if you lose your credit card

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