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Posted by on Saturday June 11, 2016 at 20:43:45:

Lots of Nigerians now have Naira cards which are powered by Visa and MasterCard and they give them access to funds and making payments in Naira. It can either be a Naira credit or debit card and it's normally issued by banks in Nigeria as long as the holder is registered with the bank. One question some of them might be asking is on whether those Naira cards are actually accepted on USA websites. Well, the answer is "Yes" for some US websites while it's "no" for some other US websites.

Naira cards are mostly accepted by US websites that accept international buyers on their platform and a good example is I've tried it many times and it has always worked for me except on a few cases where my bank intentionally blocked the transactions as a result of banking rules or insufficient funds.

To use your Naira card on a US website, you may have to first tell your bank to enable it for foreign transactions as some banks by default have blocked cards from doing so but for some other banks's it's activated already. Once your Naira card is not blocked from making payments on USA based websites or foreign transactions, you would be able to use it to make payments on US websites that accept Naira cards.

As I earlier mentioned, not all USA based websites accept foreign cards on their websites and some specifically require one with a US billing address. Your Naira card comes with a Nigerian billing address since it's issued by a Nigerian bank and so would not be accepted on US websites that only accept US billing addresses.

So, the bottom line is that Naira cards will work on US websites that accept payments with Nigerian billing addresses while it won't work on websites that don't accept Nigerian billing addresses.

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