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Posted by on Wednesday November 30, 2011 19:23:5:

Thank God that at last we have Strong and recognized Nigerian banks which now offer credit cards in Nigeria which can be used for most online transactions and they come with the backing of two global popular brands - Visa and Mastercard

About Credit cards offered by Nigerian banks
These credit cards offered by Nigerian banks are not exactly credit cards but debit cards since they are prepaid. The other feature is that it carried a Nigerian address and so Credit cards in Nigeria branded by mastercard and Visa are getting accepted across the world. It is no longer the issue of trying to get a credit card with a foreign address and trying to ship to a Nigerian address. Now the world happiest people have the access to making transactions online like paying for virtual goods mostly and books from online stores across the world.

The fear of Nigerian credit cards
However, there is the Nigerian factor and also the fear by online merchants in doing business with Nigerians. The issue is that Nigerians are still missing a lot from not having a credit card with a US address. There are a whole other opportunities that people are losing just because they do not have a us address. Well, I would not start mentioning websites that do not accept Nigerian credit cards or require a US addressed credit card but the bottomline is that Nigerians still are requesting for credit cards with a US address so as to help make payments where the Nigerian credit card is not able to.

Credit cards with US billing addresses
There has always been a market for US addressed credit cards in Nigeria as these people need them for a whole lot of transactions and so getting it is a problem for many. I would advise you to do the following if you really need a credit card with a US address;

- Get a friend living in the US to purchase them for you.
- Get a prepaid VCC (virtual Credit card) for yourself. You can make payments by Liberty reserve or bank transfer.
- Get a graphcard account and create a credit card for yourself.
- Get a credit card merchant in Nigeria to buy it for you

Get a graphcard account today


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