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Posted by on Wednesday November 30, 2011 19:14:30:

What do we mean by a virtual credit card? A virtual credit card is a kind of card that cannot be felt or touched since it is virtual. It only exists in the form of details containing credit card information on the computer. Most Nigerians now use these cards for online transactions in paying for goods and services on the internet. There are many vendors who provide virtual credit cards to clients who need them by recieving payments from buyers and sending the credit card information to them in the form of an email indicating the card details they requested.

There are several websites which also allows users to create or buy virtual credit cards for themselves or even retail to other customers. A virtual credit card allows one to shop online with more security and convenience without carrying a physical card but by just logging in and checking his email. There are other credit card providers in Nigeria who also resell these cards to users who need them and where they are needed. They receive payments from customers by means of deposits made on their behalf and then responding by sending them the details in an email. One should be careful when deciding to buy a virtual credit card from a vendor and try to really find out if they have a registered office where you can go to and meet them if any problem arises

Some benefits of using a virtual credit card
- Saves time it takes in getting a credit card
- It protects the user's funds since it is limited to amount loaded on it. It is much safer than using a credit card attached to your bank account
- It is mostly useful for internet transactions
- It allows you to spend on a limited budget unlike a traditional card that could wind you up in credit


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