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Credit Card Nigeria

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Posted by on Wednesday November 30, 2011 18:55:34:

Banks in Nigeria now are really big and most of them have finally come to satisfy customer needs, especially the internet savy ones with the provision of credit card which can be either a mastercard or visacard. Actually i would regard them as debit cards because there is nothing credit about them except for the few ones that really offer credit to Nigerians for repayment at a future date.
The banks below are known to offer credit card in Nigeria and you could walk up to anyone of them to get one for yourself starting at an approximate cost of $150

Zenith bank
Diamond bank
Ecobank (Pioneer)
Oceanic bank
& others

Lately though, it seems almost all Nigerian banks now offer credit cards which are mostly prepaid and can be used for ATM and internet payments. You could just walk up to your bank and request for a credit card

What you will need:
- A valid id
- Funds in card currency
- Proof of residence
- Completed application form

Any card fees?
Most of these cards come with certain fees such as transaction fees, maintainance fees and so on. You should read the terms of service in the document that comes with your card.


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