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A Naira credit card is a physical plastic card embedded with an electronic chip, special digits and carries a 3 digit CVV digit code at the back. This plastic card can be used for payment especially without cash and recently this medium of transaction has taken over the rather tedious cash to hand method.

Have you ever been to a shop or store where it is written on the wall, "No credit today, come tomorrow"?. Well, this is common are most local stores in Nigeria. Well, if you love to buy stuff for credit, then this is what a credit card can offer you. This is why it's called a Naira credit card.

As the world goes global and trade goes electronic, more and more developing countries are adopting sophisticated and electronic methods of doing business much better and the financial sector does not want to be left out.

A Naira credit card user stands to gain so many things above other mediums of transaction which must be the reason why more people subscribe to it.

First of all, as is same with credit cards, a Naira credit card offers free use of funds with the arrangement of the creditor paying back in full and also on time. One will be given a spending limit which is normally determined by the person's ability to pay back based on income flows or asset. So as long as one is credit worthy such as having a steady income one can transact anytime, without thee need for cash. With your Naira credit card you can buy stuff and then pay later. So a credit card allows you to make payments for services or products received today with money you are expecting in the future.

Another benefit that cannot be over emphasized about the Naira credit card is the convenience. Since it comes in the form of a plastic card which can carry millions of Naira, it can easily be carried about unlike cash. You would not need to carry cash around before you buy especially for high density transaction that demands vast amount of money,you can just use your Naira credit card and pay at a more convenient time. It is portable

The Naira credit card also offers more security than cash. Since the growth or card payments, incidences of robbery has somehow reduced since people know that carrying cash at home or on the road is already becoming less fashionable. It is only the owner of the credit card that will have full access to the card details since he alone knows the card PIN. Banks have also urged credit card holders not to reveal their card details to anyone, including their family members else it would compromise your financial security.

For online business, this medium still remains the most suitable and acceptable medium for transaction as the Naira credit card is very user friendly and recognized by most online merchants. In Nigeria, most Naira cards are now powered by Mastercard and Visa,already known brands in the e-commerce world. You can shop on local stores in Nigeria as well as Global stores in the USA like Amazon using your Naira credit card.

The ability to participate in Global online Transactions is also an asset which a Naira credit card offers the holder. For a wider range of transactions or buying and selling of different type of products over the world from Nigeria then the Naira credit card will come handy because it gives room for distant transactions and business exchanges,you just need to have a Naira credit account and you can do your express international trade because it is medium of transactions internationally acclaimed and accepted.

When it also comes to travelling abroad and you need to carry some money along with you, having a Naira credit card offer you that reassurance that you will have access to your funds in that foreign country since Visa and Mastercard are already there. Whether it is the UK, USA, Canada or even China, more and more Nigeria business travellers are seeing the benefits of travelling with a credit card. One can make withdrawals at ATMs, make payments at shopping malls using POS machines, pay for your hotel bookings and so on. It is even much safer to carry a card when traveling than carrying cash.

The Naira credit card will probably continue to have advantage over other forms of payment in Nigeria because of its credit nature that help customers pay after they have done the transaction and in a convenient manner. The portability and security it offers is also a good thing.

The Naira credit card offers the best means of making payments globally and it is available to any Nigerian with steady income or verifiable asset. You should ask your local bank about other specific benefits the card could offer you.


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