How to get a credit card in Nigeria

Credit Card Nigeria

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Posted by on Wednesday November 30, 2011 18:42:43:

A credit card is on of the most important things on the internet and most especially for the buyer who surfs the web. Now Nigerians are getting more and more interested in shopping online as it is more convenient and orderly. Especially when one needs to engage in ecommerce, without a credit card, the activity is stalled. A crdit card is important when buying items from online stores of for paying for books or virtual items like mp3, downloads, subscriptions, domain registrations, hosting, forex trading or for paying for online exams like Toefl, GMAT, ACCA, e.t.c

There are many advantages of using a credit card and its availability has made the internet more meaningful for Nigerians.
For many years since the advent of the internet, Nigerians have always yearned for personalized credit cards that would be accepted as valid for online transactions and since then there has been a lot of providers, some of which have come and gone. Lately, banks in Nigeria have also become issuers of popular credit cards to Nigeria and this effort was pioneered by Ecobank, then following other Nigerian banks followed suit and now banks like Intercontinental, Zenith, UBA, First Bank and others have also become issuers of credit cards with their own brands having signed agreements with companies like Mastercard and Visa.

To get your own credit card, you can go to any bank like Intercontinental or Zenith to get a card. Before acquiring one, make sure that you are informed about the validity period and any other charges that you may not know.
You can also get cards from graphcard, gtn and others, they would give you a virtual credit card.


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