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A recharge card is the common name for an airtime top up card or voucher that allows a network subscriber to load credit to his phone line.

A recharge card comes as a card that has a silver or tin coating on one side that can easily be peeled off to reveal the 14 or 16 digit pin

The pin that is printed on a recharge card is the set of numbers that is to be dialled in combination with a set of command numbers in order to add airtime on your phone.

Recharge cards come in different denominations and they have value which is quantified in monetary terms. There is the low value and high value and each card carries a value relative to the amount of credit it can add to a gsm sim.

You can purchase recharge cards from your network operator or from any of their partners close to you. Nowadays, there are numerous outlets where one can buy recharge cards and it is also available on the internet on some select sites where you can buy with a debit or credit card.

To load airtime on your sim using a recharge card, you would need to peel off the pin seal and then follow the loading instructions required by your operator.

When it comes to scratching off the seal on your recharge card, the best way to do so is to make use of chalk as it easily scratches it off. You can also use a plastic pen or your finger nail. If you run into problems with scratching off your pin, you can always visit your network's local office with the original recharge card and make the complaint. They should be able to load airtime to your phone directly if they get the serial number from your recharge card.


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