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Posted by on Friday July 27, 2012 9:12:6:

From my experience, it seems that many people in Nigeria may be confused on the difference between a debit and a credit card. What we've been used to mostly in the past are debit cards and these are normally cash cards that are linked directly to your bank account or already funded with cash with which we can virtually carry cash around without physically carrying it. Anyone who has got a debit or credit card can make withdrawals at ATMs, payment at POS and so on.

What really is a credit card then? It is simply a card that carries an electronic chip that gives you access to credit. In the real sense, it gives you access to funds which you can repay for later within an agreed time frame.

Many banks now in Nigeria do offer credit cards either denominated in US dollars, Euro and even the Naira. This means that if you qualify, you can get access to cash when you need it and where.

Nowadays, in Nigeria, it is becoming fashionable to go around with naira credit cards as you can get naira when you want, no questions asked and even if there was no money in your account. It is probably much easier to get a naira credit card than a usual bank loan whether you are employed or a sole proprietor. You may need to pay for your children's fees when you are cash strapped, a naira credit card can do that. You need to buy a new car, you can also do that and even repay instalmentally. Naira credit cards are solving the problems for many families now and you should just visit your bank to see how getting one can change your life.

Fees associated with having a naira credit card varies from bank to bank and it is based on charges such as monthly fees, pos and atm withdrawal charges. When getting one, you should just read the terms and conditions of the service which your bank should give to you.


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