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Posted by on Tuesday August 27, 2013 at 10:31:52:

In Nigeria, mobile money banking is already taking full shape as more banks and mobile telecoms are putting up final touches to their service. Imagine being able to have access to your money by making use of your mobile phone. This is what mobile money offers you as you can use your mobile phone to also pay bills and buy airtime credit or recharge cards as they are normally called in Nigeria.

I first got my own taste of mobile money when I subscribed to a bank's mobile money service. This was a bank I didn't have an account with or even presented an id card but with my mobile phone, a mobile money account was opened for me without visiting the bank.

One of the things I've been able to do with my mobile money account using a mobile phone is buying recharge card with it, even when I don't have any credit on my phone. It was quite easy and it works with a USSD code an no need for me to install any software other than pay in money into my account from time to time and then I'll be able to use the money anytime I want and even when there is no money in my phone.

How to do it
- Access the mobile money banking platform with your phone.
- Log into your account an access your wallet
- Go to Airtime top up
- Select the network
- Select the top up amount
- Enter your PIN
- Confirm the transaction

Airtime will be credited to your SIM card using your network's VTU service and your mobile money account will be deducted. It works really fast.

What about security? What do you do in case you lose your phone? Well, you can just do a SIM swap with your network

With mobile money, you phone works like an ATM card that allows you to access a virtual ATM machine and be able to do a lot of things with it.

    Re: How to buy airtime recharge with Mobile money Posted by Dave on Tuesday November 5, 2013 at 18:48:43:

    I personally use Stanbic's mm and it works well for me

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