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If you've got a debit card from your bank, you can always use it to buy Nigerian airtime or recharge card and top up your mobile phone anywhere in Nigeria.

Debit cards are normally tied to someone's bank account and one can use them in topping up airtime directly to one's mobile phone whether CDMA or GSM.

You can do this by either making use of:
- ATMs
- Internet

Buying airtime from ATMs
- Just locate an ATM
- Insert your debit card and enter your PIN
- Select the Buy airtime option
- Select the network
- Select the amount of airtime recharge needed
- Enter your mobile phone number
- Confirm the details
- Pay using your debit card

Your bank account or card would be charged while the phone number would automatically be topped up with airtime credit.

Buying airtime with the internet
- Locate an airtime vending website e.g.
- Log in with your username and password
- Select the network you want to buy from
- Enter the value
- Select your beneficary phone
- Proceed to making payment
- Make payment with your debit card details
- Airtime will be sent to your phone or email


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