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Posted by on Saturday February 2, 2013 at 12:16:36:

When it comes to selling recharge cards, the marketplace is no longer restricted to the physical market customers have become accustomed to like the airtime vendors, customer service outlets and bank services. Nowadays, airtime vouchers otherwise known as recharge cards have already found a new platform on the internet.

One of the most useful products online merchants have provided to the growing number of consumers in Nigeria who mostly use mobile phones is recharge cards.

Recharge cards for several local networks are now sold on the internet and this makes it easier for mobile phone users to top up their lines with credit, without having to go to a physical market.

With the sales of recharge cards online, more and more people are finding it more convenient to buy airtime on from a virtual market powered by computers.

To buy recharge cards online, a buyer would have to:

- Locate a recharge card vending website
- Do a registration
- Select a network
- Choose the preferred value
- Make payment
- Have airtime credit delivered to his mobile phone via top up or PIN codes.

It really works so easy.

Things a consumer would need to buy recharge cards online
- A mobile phone
- An internet connection
- A payment card e.g. Visa, Mastercard or Verve card


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